About the Book

“Ritual of Flame – Light of the Master’s Jewel” is a fast-paced historical fiction set in a small Medieval Romanian village. Murder, kidnapping, slavery and an astounding history-changing discovery keep the action moving. As an apprentice healer, Nikita tries to follow her mother’s example as a teacher and beloved friend. Although Nikita’s inner light has always guided her, will it be enough when an untimely death exposes long-hidden family secrets?

When a tragic accident leaves their Contessa near death, Nikita and Andrei strike out into the forest on their own, hoping to find courage and a long forgotten cure. They fight ignorance and greed in their quest to save their friend. In the dark of night, forest predators and the evils of mankind threaten to end their search and even their lives. Nikita must use the ancient and hypnotic Ritual of the Flame, she’d learned from her mother, to guide her path.

A wise bookseller helps Nikita understand the true meaning of the golden jewel she’d discovered. The bookseller and jewel lead her to a new unseen world that had been hiding in plain sight. In their hour of deepest need, Nikita and Andrei come to know the Companions of the Ancient Order of Builders, who although veiled in secrecy, agree to illuminate her way to save their friend. All the good stuff! Check out our new historical fiction “Ritual of Flame – Light of the Master’s Jewel”, now available on Amazon Books.

Kindle E-book – “Ritual of Flame – Light of the Master’s Jewel”  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N1UV598

Paperback – “Ritual of Flame – Light of the Master’s Jewel”  – https://www.amazon.com/dp/0983474133

Enjoy the read! – Bart